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Special mixing tints for the art of refinishing

Colour accuracy at its best

Trends in OEM colours mean more special colours vehicles on the road. For refinishers, achieving a completely accurate refinish result is only possible with the right pigments.

That is why Standox provides special mixing tints for Standoblue and Standohyd Plus basecoats.

“The very first thing a painter should do when a car comes in for repair is check if it has a special colour. This may impact the repair cost and special mixing tints may need to be ordered.”

Harald Klöckner, Standox Training Manager, EMEA

SX_H_Kloeckner 480x292

Mixing tints create a brilliant appearance with added depth.


Deeper, more saturated, even more brilliant.

Vehicle colours are becoming quite spectacular, trending towards deeper, very saturated colours that, thanks to specially-developed pigments, also have an intense and brilliant sheen.


A fruity red

Standox Cranberry Red is a bluish red mixing tint. Its pigment is characterised by its exceptional depth of colour and brilliance, as well as its high level of transparency. Cranberry Red is suitable for use in solid and effect colours.


A brilliant orange

Standox Brilliant Orange mixing tint contains a high-performance orange pigment that is required for some of the new OEM colour formulas. This new colour closes an important gap in the colour development of orange and red shades. The Brilliant Orange mixing tint is suitable for use in solid and effect colours.


A kaleidoscopic crystal effect.

Crystal Rainbow mixing tint was developed specially for the special colour (LX7T) on the new Audi A8 and the RS models. It produces a breath-taking crystal effect.

09_MC_SX_Glasflake_Audi Arablau-960x584

Amazing shimmering effect.

Special Effect Mix 288 Sparkling Crystal mixing tint is characterised by its very pure sparkle finish. Thin, silver-coated glass flakes that are contained in a transparent basecoat tint, refract light, creating this effect. There are only a very limited number of colours that use this effect, so Standox supplies the colourless tint in small 250ml cans. 

Tinted clear coats

Developments in tinted clear coats are increasing and this is having a noticeable effect on bodyshops. Standox is therefore offering seven special clear coat colour additives available in 100ml bottles.


Genius iQ with Wi-Fi symbol Genius iQ with Wi-Fi symbol

The importance of digital colour identification and web-based colour software.

The speed of changes in colour trends and the increasing number of colours and effects mean colour management in bodyshops is having to change.

Many refinishers now rely on electronic spectrophotometers such as Genius iQ, which is one of the first spectrophotometers to measure colour and effect. The Standowin iQ colour software makes colour formulas available to bodyshops as soon as they are released.