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Standox 1K Primer Filler U3010 in spray cans now available in black and white

Standox is expanding its popular range of spray can products. The Standox SprayMax 1K Primer Filler U3010, which was already on the market in light and dark grey, is now also available in black and white. The SprayMax technology makes it possible to achieve results similar to those with a spray gun thanks to several patented innovations, including the new spray formulation and the valve, which provides fine, wide jet atomisation that can ensure an even film thickness.

The practical benefit of Standox 1K Primer Filler U3010 in black and white is that they are ideally suited to refinishing vehicles painted with the very dark or very light colours that are currently preferred by new car buyers.

The Standox 1K Primer Filler U3010 in spray cans makes it possible for professional bodyshops to repair smaller areas of paint damage or sanded through areas, as well as in difficult to reach places such as the car boot or engine compartment quickly and cost-effectively without using air pressure and a spray gun. The cans still contain the original Standox product that refinishers have come to rely on, so they can achieve the same highly-professional results as with a spray gun.

The SprayMax technology provides constant atomiser pressure, which means the volume output is significantly higher than for traditional spray cans. And the pressure remains constant until the can is completely empty. The other benefit of the SprayMax technology is it can be used to atomise two-component products.

For further application information, interested bodyshops should contact their local Standox representative or visit


About Standox

Standox, one of the global refinish coating brands from Axalta Coating Systems, supports its customers with premium product quality and in-depth consultancy to help obtain the best results. As a leading European automotive refinish brand based in Wuppertal, Germany, it delivers innovative product systems and superior colour-match accuracy and paint technology. Approvals from major car manufacturers reflect the brand’s position as a leading partner to the automotive industry. Standox helps professional refinishers achieve right-first-time results.

Standox 1K Primer Filler U3010 in spray cans now available in black and white