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Acquire and Acquire Plus EFX Spectrophotometer

Two professionals for digital colour search.

The correct colour is guaranteed with Acquire and Acquire Plus EFX, the professional digital colour measuring tools from Standox.

Convenient and efficient, the Acquire allows the user to measure colours and their nuances quickly and directly on the vehicle body.

Surpassing the Acquire the latest colour measurement tool from Standox, the Acquire Plus EFX. With an integrated effect measuring device which reliably identifies the effect in the colour, the Acquire Plus EFX can even identify the grain of aluminum pigments in the paint.

Acquire Plus EFX

Acquire Plus EFX is an advanced, hand-held spectrophotometer designed to  help you achieve the most accurate color match possible—even for complicated metallic pearl and effect colors—faster and easier than ever before.

It’s advanced optic technology looks deep into the paint film to acquire the flake and color characteristics that are the keys to determining the best color match. And it’s so fast and easy to use that it can make color matching feel almost automatic.


  • Reads color and flake characteristics, to help you get both dimensions of accurate color match at once
  • The color touch screen was designed to be super easy to navigate and use
    Calibration is required once a month, not once a week and there’s no black trap calibration necessary, so it should be much quicker and easier than other methods
  • It is designed to select the best formula when more than one is available, to ensure the best match possible
  • Can store up to 999 readings in its large memory
  • If no paint code is available, it is designed to scan the entire database to find the best formula, to reduce shading time to a minimum


  • Stable housing
  • Modern design
  • High Quality Handling
  • FT colour display with protective film (320 x 240 pixel)

User Interface

  • Large and secure control button
  • Operation via touchscreen with stylus or thumbwheel
  • Easy to use supported by an intuitive graphical user interface



  • Measurement of the effect coarseness
  • Current LED technology (20 LEDs) provides higher light output Internal memory for data, such as the car brand list and further information
  • Pre selection of car brands directly to the device via touch screen
  • Optimal positioning for reliable measurements on a flat surface through 4 ‘contact pins’
  • Best Measurement results by avoiding extraneous light icon)
  • Calibrations less often required
  • 100% protection against stray light due to additional rubber ring at the measurement port

Standox Genius iQ - digital colour measuring tool from Standox

Standox Acquire Plus EFX - digital colour measuring tool from Standox.



  • Solid housing
  • Ergonomic design
  • Good grip
  • Display, 128 x 64 dots

User Interface

  • Simple control button
  • Operation via thumbwheel
  • Easy to calibrate


  • Measurement of the effect coarseness, by manually adding the effect index
  • High light output through LED technology (16 LEDs)
  • Internal memory for measurement data
  • Reliable measurement due to 2 ‘contact pins'



Genius - The compact colour measurement device

Acquire- The compact colour measurement device.